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The Thinness Collection Gold Edition

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

A material as resistant as steel, geometric shapes intersecting, drawing 3D compositions which seem to twirl suspended in space, precious finishes enhancing the scenic presence: this is the Thinness Collection by 06D Design Studio.

Dynamic lines defining unconventional objects with strict geometries which counteract gravity to defy the stillness of what you use assume to be motionless. Each piece is conceived in three dimensions and the figure of each changes, according to the observer's point of view.

The Thinness Collection Gold Edition is a tribute to the technique applied to beauty, which actually is, the real design; and it's also one of the elements of the “Made in Italy” style that the whole world admires.

Includes a lounge chair, a coffee table, a side table and a chandelier, carefully handcrafted by Italian craftsmen coming from the most innovative area in the world in the furniture industry, Brianza near Milano. All the products are hand-finished with a satin outlook, reflective but not mirror-like.

These objects reflect the pioneering spirit of their native country where beauty and innovation are inherited elements sculpted in the DNA.

The first production of the collection in shiny gold finish is limited edition of 33 pieces each, silkscreened.



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