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Odyssey XIX, a journey between the present, the past and the future.

In a present when design is invading the space of the art exploring the aesthetic of the future, when shapes and craft are not artist's issue anymore, 06D Atelier put their objects in conversation with one of the most emblematic beauty icon of the past. Alien objects with strark geometries sorrounds a sinuous goddess sculpture, symbol of an ancient esthetic flipped and faded by the mirror in front of her.

The Thinness Collection is a journey into lightness, with furnishing elements made entirely of very thin steel plates, - 2 or 3 mm thick - folded, welded, ground and finished by hand. The Thinness Collection is a collection of sculptural furniture, made entirely in Brianza (Italy) the area with the highest design content in the world of furniture, with careful workmanship that is a tribute to the Italian craft tradition. The collection includes the Centaurus sculptural chair, Pegasus coffee table, Perseus side table and Orion Chandelier, available in two versions. The Matt Edition, with sprayed finish in customizable colours, presented for the first time in the black version named Materia Obscura; the Gold Edition, in a limited edition of 33 signed and silkscreened pieces, has a handmade finish with gold galvanized treatment.

The Orbit, a circular mirror, first piece of the new Griffé Collection, a set of glass mirrors inspired by graphic arts. The glass surface is treated like a canvas thanks to a material removal machining process to convey the designers' gesture into different expression at each piece. The Orbit is a real art piece with grooves representing the concentric pattern common in several structures in the nature.



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