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06D Atelier + Russell Bamber an unexpected colorful collaboration

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The first time we saw Russell's works we were impressed by how he plays with shapes and colours creating playful and surprising small architectures. His works is mainly composed by functional sculptures inspired from art' s minimalism and design post-modernism with a contemporary and pop reinterpretation.

We are happy to start a collaboration reinventing our Perseus and Pegasus matt black edition and creating an interesting new special edition with Russell' s unusual artistic vision.

Russell Bamber and 06D Atelier

+ About Russell

Russell Bambers work is there to agitate a space; to bring unexpected joy and dynamism to our lives. He creates sculptures that teeter on the edge of design, painting and architecture bringing a new and exciting twist to the space they occupy.

From Hackney Wick, East London, Russell Bamber is making sculptures that flirt with function, cavort with scale and frolic with surface. He has an eloquence, confidence and originality with form, material and colour that teases, amuses and beguiles. Simple forms are extruded, distorted and butted to expand the space they occupy and challenge logic. Each facet collides with the next at perpendicular angles. Size and configuration are exaggerated and misconstrued by colour and reflection. Planes and form interplay and confuse the eye.

The timber and laminate that he use are all CFC certified. He ethos is to make as little environmental impact as possible and reuse materials where possible.

HOT DESK TWO BERLIN • MDF Laminate, 2018 - Russell Bamber



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