Pegasus + Perseus & Russell Bamber

Photos by 06D studio - © 06D

Pegasus & Perseus
special edition
collaboration with Russell Bamber

06D Atelier is pleased to announce their first ever artistic collaboration in partnership with Russell Bamber that reinterpreted two pieces from the Thinness Collection Matt Edition, Perseus and Pegasus, creating a one-off version with his signature colours.Russell Bamber intervention consists in using his established technique of lamination to give an unexpected colour injection to the matt black version of the geometric tables.

“I was delighted to have been invited by 06D Atelier to collaborate, redefine and explore their beautiful Perseus Black Side Table and Pegasus Black Coffee Table. The initial simplicity of the creased and folded forms disguise the complexity of the design. This gave me the perfect opportunity to re-delineate the form, emphasise the planes and exploit that simplicity.”

Russell Bamber

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Perseus by 06D Atelier with Russell Bamber

Dimensions : W 43 x D 55 H 55 cm

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Pegasus by 06D Atelier with Russell Bamber

Dimensions : W 81 x D 44 H 38 cm

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