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Good News - Production Updates

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

We recently visited the production in Italy for quality check for the Thinness Collection to define finishes and details. It has been a big success to see the result of a real mastery that you can find only in Italy, in particular in Brianza, an industrial area near Milan, where there is the finest manufacture appreciated all around the world.

Our first furniture collection is made by only one material, stainless steel with polished finish, we met the metalworker that made a very good job with the prototypes and we fixed all the issues for the production in a day. The complexity of the piece's geometries make them suitable for a boutique-production that only capable hands of a skilled artisan can practice.

We are very proud to have such precious collaborations to develop unique artworks like this collection.

Keep follow our news to know more about this incredible journey.



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