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Spaziotempo Black
Murano glass sculpture 

The "Spaziotempo" Murano glass centrepiece explores the complex themes of spacetime, the cosmos, and deformation.


The delicate glasswork creates a visual representation of the cosmos, its shapes and colours evoking the intricate beauty of the universe.

With its shape obtained through a computer simulation of gravity, seamlessly merging it with the traditional craftsmanship of Venice's glass masters, we explore

the concept of spacetime, suggesting the bending and warping of the fabric of reality.

With this piece, created thanks to the skilled hands of Murano glass masters we want to invite the viewer to contemplate the beauty and complexity of the universe.

Spaziotempo stands as a testament to the seamless integration of art and science. It embodies the synergy of glasswork, simulations, and cosmic inspiration, inviting contemplation of the enigmatic nature of space and time.

Materials: Murano glass, Murano murrine, gold dust, stainless steel

Dimensions: 42x41x25 cm

Blue Version:

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