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The Thinness Collection: lightness challenging gravity

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

photo Fabio Nova, © 06D

The Gold Thinness Collection: lightness challenging gravity

A material as resistant as steel, geometric shapes intersecting, drawing 3D compositions which seem to twirl suspended in space, precious finishes enhancing the scenic presence, like pieces of furniture which give a unique character to the domestic and community ambiences. Thinness Collection in its name already emphasizes its distinctive feature: the lightness enclosed in a thin sheet of stainless steel, which generates pieces of furniture playing as protagonists in the environment, and creating a style contemporary and essential, but rich and precious at the same time, a "contemporary luxury", which blends classic and minimal taste, for stylish ambiences, simple and comfortable. The Thinness Collection is a tribute to the technique applied to beauty, a characteristic of Made in Italy, that the whole world admires, and it's a jewel, perfect for any interior design style.

The products

The Thinness Collection, designed by 06D studio, includes a sculptural chair, a coffee table, a side table and a pendant lamp, handcrafted by Italian craftsmen, coming from the most innovative area in the world in the furniture industry, Brianza near Milan.

All products are handcrafted, with a satin finishing, reflective but not mirroring.

The Gold Edition comes in a limited edition of 33 signed and silkscreened pieces, and has a gold finish, with galvanized treatment.

The Matt Edition is a collection available on request in bespoke colours, presented in Materia Obscura black.



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