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Ex Astris by 06D Atelier on view at Virtual Exhibition of 5VIE D'N'A

Design City Milano 2020

From 28th September until 10th October 10th 

5vie Art + Design is a non-profit cultural association, that aims to support the historic centre of Milan. The 5vie D’N’A – Design 'n' Art for a better world project, has adapted to the COVID-19 landscape, creating a schedule of real and virtual exhibitions taking place from 28 September to 10 October 2020 during Milan Design City 2020. Different types of people will take part in the digital project: exhibitors (designers, artists, gallerists, shopkeepers, artisans ...), national and international cultural realities (museums, institutions, artist residences, cultural and research institutes), digital ambassadors ecc..

06d Atelier will take part of 5vie D'N'A with a virtual exhibition and it's happy to present the project Ex Astris.

Ex Astris is an imaginary visual journey portraying the pieces from their Thinness Collection during an interstellar mission from Earth to Mars. The sci-fi environments used are from the pictures of "Curiosity" , the Rover by Nasa landed on Mars on 2012.

Moreover this project It is a clear tribute to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece movie 2001: A space Odyssey.

Preview images Ex Astris:

Video Ex Astris :



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