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06D Atelier's project shortlisted for Fountain of Hygiene competition

Bompas & Parr in partnership with the Design Museum launched "Fountain of Hygiene", a design competition to rethink hand sanitisers to encourage hand-washing during the coronavirus pandemic while raising money for charity.

06D Atelier's project Heron has been shortlisted inside the industrial design category by an international select jury, click con the link to vote your favourite project for the "People's Choice Award". The category winners and People's Choice Award winner will be announced once the Design Museum reopens.

A physical display will be hosted at the Design Museum once it reopens, with successful projects auctioned by Christie’sat the launch to generate further funds for the British Red Cross.

Check out all the shortlisted and read more about the competition

Dezeen is media partner for the design competition.

About Heron hand sanitiser dispenser

The Covid-19 is threading the entire world making all of us more conscious of our vulnerability as species but also more united by a common enemy to defeat. The virus suddenly changed everybody's habits worldwide, a normal handshake today is not seen as a safe way to salute, however people found different ways to relate to each other and to establish a “human” contact like the “elbow bump”.

Looking at these new gestures and searching for a more hygienic way to interact with standard hand sanitiser dispensers we decided to reshape the shell of these objects make them usable with the elbow. Heron is a wall-mounted gel dispenser suitable for both private and public spaces, it is designed to avoid to touch the device with the hands. Through an elbow-activated push-pump it reduces the transmission of bacteria and viruses. With an ABS structure that can be easily sanitised, Heron, encases a refillable soft tank that when it's squeezed by the button pushes the gel out the dispenser without any electronic mechanism.

Check the video out to see different finishings:

More pictures:





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