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The women of a small population in Myanmar use to wear brass rings around their neck to protect themselfs from tiger bites, a legend says. In the Kayan people the ornament that makes look the woman's neck slender and longer than men became a standard of beauty making the women who wear it more attractive.

The Kayan collection is a small home jewellery family that brings with it a distant beauty narrative.

version A materials: polished stainless steel, Azul Macaubas quartzite

version B materials: polished brass, Sky Gold quartzite

All the versions can have backlit top.

Dimensions Kayan M: W 36 x D 36 x H 50 cm

Dimensions  Kayan S :W 42 x D 42 x H 34 cm

Dimensions Kayan Sleek L: W 20 x D 20 x H 42 cm

Dimensions  Kayan Sleek S :W 25 x D 25 x H 30 cm

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