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Mirror Artwork

Entropia is a composition of 9 mirrors, measuring 140 x 100 cm each, worked with the same 06D Atelier's signature technique used in the Griffée Collection's mirrors. It graphically represents the interlacement of ruled and chaotic arrangements in the universe.


In physics, entropy is the measure of the disorder or randomness of a system. The second law of thermodynamics states the total entropy of a closed system cannot decrease. Although the concept of entropy was originally a thermodynamic construct, it has been adapted in other fields of study, including information theory, psychodynamics, genetics, cosmology, economics, and evolution.


The artists have been fascinated by the paradox of the Universe's entropy: in all observed systems the entropy decreases with the passing of time with the increment of the disorder. Looking at the Universe the entropy is increasing over time, complex formations of matter such as stars, planet and the life itself are ruled by harmonious laws, making the universe the only known system with increasing entropy.


With their mirror composition Entropia the artists symbolise the universe, creating a bi-dimensional system formed by different sub-systems where abstract geometric and non-geometric formations, lines and repetitions take place with an apparent causality and occasionally with a strict structured compositions. With a clear kandiskian inspiration, the lines engraved in the glass surface depict a state of the universe when order and disorder live together, in which Fibonacci's patterns meet random configurations flowing in a dialogue of geometries. The entropy of the pictured system is the sense of the oeuvre, essentially, the lack of information, what we miss to understand the scheme behind it and hence the universe.

Colours take a big part of the exhibition, different portions of the Entropia composition are displayed in different declinations of the visible light spectrum, with the intent to express the vitality and vivaciousness of physical manifestation of the cosmos observable so far.

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