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Blooming Window
Blooming Window
Blooming Window
Blooming Window
video installation

Blooming Window is a captivating multimedia installation that offers a fresh perspective on Islamic art and culture.


Through a unique combination of visual and audio elements, the installation presents a new form of expression that explores the beauty and complexity of Islamic art. The piece features a stunning visual display that incorporates traditional Islamic motifs and patterns, which bloom and evolve in intricate and mesmerizing ways. Accompanied by a soundtrack that blends traditional and contemporary elements, the installation creates a rich and immersive sensory experience that invites the viewer to engage with Islamic art in a new and exciting way.

By bringing together technology and tradition, "Blooming Window" offers an engaging perspective on the richness and diversity of Islamic culture.

Video installation, media: video monitor, wood.

Dimensions: W.75 x H 125 x D 15 cm


Blooming Window by 06D Atelier
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