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Alter + Ego
Alter + Ego 
Sculpture / Console + Mirror

Illusion, distortion, altered perception.


The "Console Alter" is a mesmerizing composition of Portoro marble and polished stainless steel that explores themes of illusion, distortion, and altered perception. The contrasting materials and textures create a striking visual effect, while the use of mirrors in the accompanying piece "Ego" amplifies the illusionistic quality of the work. By playing with the viewer's sense of space and reflection, the artwork encourages an altered perception and invites contemplation on the concept of self and identity.


Through its intricate design and masterful use of materials, Alter+Ego offers a thought-provoking and immersive experience that challenges the viewer's perception of reality.

Console Alter in Portoro marble and polished stainless steel, mirror Ego in glass.

Dimensions: W 90 x D 30 x H 180 cm 

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